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How Snoop Buddy Works

How does Snoop Buddy work?
You just sign up as a member. You will then be able to search our site for your perfect Snoop Buddy. You can search by zip code and distance, gender, age group, and availability. Once you find your Snoop Buddy you will communicate via e-mail and discuss your plans. At this point you are still anonymous and just know each others e-mail addresses - it is up to you to exchange more. You and your Snoop Buddy will develop your plan and work together privately. Snoop Buddy members must follow the appropriate state and federal laws regarding snooping. It is up to you and your Snoop Buddy to reconnect and discuss your findings via e-mail or in person. If you do find out that your significant other is cheating, please contact a licensed private investigator. He or she can submit the evidence they find, if necessary.

Snoop Buddy also offers our members a support Chat Room where you can discuss your findings and communicate with other members who may be going through the same experiences and life changes that you are.

Overall Snoop Buddy is a fantastic, fast and free (for a limited time) way to find out the truth once and for all. This will all be done quietly and incognito. Take charge of your life and your marriage now and know that other Snoop Buddies will be there to chat with you if you need support.

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